Devia - Kintone Foldable On-Ear Wireless HD Headphones

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• Experience a new kind of sound: Experience a remarkable musical fiesta with Devia Headphones. Devia Headphones has more dynamic sound drivers, which in turn provide better sound fidelity.
• Music Controls: On-Ear Buttons for music control. Control music reproduction and calls without pulling out your smartphone; chat hands-free with the integrated mic.
• Luxurious Comfort: Created for comfort. The premium quality adjustable headband, provides a custom-fit feeling and the padded ear cups help minimize sound leakage
• Live wirelessly or wired! It’s your choice: Whether you’re on the train, in your living room, or at your desk, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up in cords. Plus, if you run out of power, plug in for unlimited wired listening.
• Portability at its best: Devia headphone’s compact, design makes it the ultimate portable accessory